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The NEXT Next Econ

Page history last edited by Next ECon 6 years, 5 months ago

Notes for Action Group about the NEXT Next Economy conference


What worked well:

  • douglas rushkoff – great keynote speaker!

  • met a lot of cool people

  • facility worked well

  • unconference structure

  • powerful

  • stabilizing the field for change to happen

  • Lisa – living in boulder colorado

    • inspired to create a similar event there

    • inspired to create a complementary currency for boulder

    • editing “New money for a new world”

    • works in somatic psychotherapy. How would a conference like this incorporate embodied practices – a bodily experience of the change

  • moving from survival to abundance

  • experience in learning / not knowing

  • ecosystem of alternate currencies, now a variety of crypto currencies

  • intimacy / immediacy of the pod system – scales well (add more pods) – very interactive – people policed themselves well (civil balanced conversation)


Change for next time:

  • this venue would not be able to accommodate double number of people

  • dave sanford on board to help plan the next one

  • Lisa – inspired to create a similar event in Boulder, CO


Time – Schedule / Format:

  • better demarcations for beginning and end of the pod timeslots

  • generally worked well


Space – Physical Layout:

  • Pod D in the unmarket was tight when people trying to get by

  • near perfect for this size of a group

  • expandable pod size – extra chairs around, and an easier way to expand the circle


People & Content:

  • DS – personal cloud list, cloud security alliance; etc: tech meetups,

  • homesteading,

  • sustainability,

  • permaculture,

  • austin eco network,

  • open government

  • businesses in solar, greenhouse, greenling;

  • what's the evolving ecosystem

  • food trucks

  • small independent vendors

  • green corn folks – teaches organic farming, creating nodes in the network



  • plenty of food, but ran out of coffee



  • DS like rushkoff, but find someone else for the next one

  • Distinguishing a different pattern. Incremental change in the current pattern will not get you there.

  • His energy level was great.

  • DS Recommends Andrew McCaffey – second computing revolution

  • Would be great for speaker to re-join conversation later in the day

  • Share some of our questions


Timing of the next event:

  • maybe another event during or around SXSW because they'll be already be in town

  • concurrent with rise conference, or sxswEco


Other Follow-up:

  • do a rise session on the conference

  • amala – possible venue for a monthly meetup


Next Steps:

  • Ben – EB9, local food economy, local entrepreneurs, making bitcoin easy to use

  • David – Meetup – hackerspace would also be happy to host

  • Brandon – how do you make it practical (working with ATX health network) – how to use it for the good of the community








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