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Impact Investing and Capital for Eco-Villages and Co-ops

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Impact Investing & Transfer of Wealth between Generations


Convener: Clifford May

note taker: Clifford May


Introduction Round--Areas of Interest for Discussion

  • Access to Healthcare as wellness
  • Austin Cooperative Business Association acba.coop
  • Raising start-up capital for ecovillagesm co-ops, etc.
  • true equity land based funding for communities
  • economics theory. 
  • economics myths. 
  • Pathways to transition to sustainable prosperity
  • self-employment general interest
  • "real politic" implementation: how to bridge from current economics systems a transition to capitalize a sustainable economy
  • Nodal connections of regional efforts
  • Awakening to holistic interconnectedness
  • scaling to ecovillages
  • how to birth new ecovillages
  • benign energy-opportunity

Mission Principles


  • Equitable Opportunity
  • cooperation
  • respect
  • collaboration
  • vision

Ideas to consider



  • use of NMTC New Market Tax Credits
  • example of CHOMPA funding used in the 1970's for funding a commune-like culture for nutritional healing of troubled youth by teachers receiving small stipend plus staff housing and food.

Action Items



  • create well defined missions for our endeavors/projects
  • Clifford will network with Erica Dorn on equity land based funding for communities



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