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What would an economy that creates many good jobs look like

Page history last edited by Tom Brown 6 years, 8 months ago

conveners: Dave Sanford and Cliff Collard

notetaker: Tom Brown


why do we need jobs if we have sufficient abundance?

people are using 'jobs' in the perjorative sense


right livelihood


what is abundance? having what one needs when one needs it.


how does somebody make a transition from job to meaningful work?


building empathic civilization at a distance through communication.  sleeping, dreaming, unconscious planet is waking up.


what if i don't have a laptop and internet access? i often have to work at an unpleasant job.


chaotic fertility


12th night on eastside


how do you communicate the things you actually need?


occupy in kansas city - tent city with thousands


austin failed to find a lasting solution


abundance vs. distribution of resources


charette process - divide into groups for suggested solutions to a problem.


redefine value.


freedom from coercion


1993 - popular science, jim bell - assassination politics - encrypted anonymous digital currency


the abundance community - peter block


farm robots


small is beautiful - e.f. schumacher


sacred economics - charles eisenstein


waking life - fear or laziness


much more creative when stress is removed from society


the light bulb conspiracy


the problem is not the problem but the way we respond to the problem


can we reclaim the word 'job'?


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