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Exploring Ways To Make a Living While Developing the New Economy

Page history last edited by Tom Brown 6 years, 8 months ago

Convener: Tapan Bhargave

Notetakers: Tapan Bhargave and Tom Brown


Tapan's notes:




Economics – high school


Abundance comes from everybody working on different things.


All money is a unilateral contract --> incidence of coincidence


Trade with each other locally --> can’t see the forest for the trees


Value proposition for why landlords would use this money system! More likely to be paid over time, in the full amount, in a value that has retained its value.


Relationships of what we’ve created


Decentralizing currency


David Graeber : if a king accepts cheese as taxes, then cheese is money.


Fax machine – two guys with a fax machine


Money is an energy – and sharing our resources


Scale adoption..


Social adoption – critical mass --> tipping point --> economics of having a living wage.


Tom's notes:


make a viable living while engaged in new economy


world financial group - lorraine


since a goal is to prevent hoarding, how do you live after to stop working when your producer credits are gone?


lohas - lifestyles ... sustainablity (whole foods is a lohas company)


earth benign's baker video


contracts of delivery in barter networks - taking that as money 3.0


rogers international commodity index (RICI) - basket of 37 commodities - tends to be immune to inflationary noise

using RICE as currency unit instead of national money.


what if you don't have past production history? join a tribe to get their reputation by using their self-issued producer credit.


tribes - hybrid of social network like facebook and marketplace


money is an energy exchange system - erica


a lot of these social bottom lines depend on people involved.  economics of having a living wage is going to impact whether you can make your living in this alternative approach.  in austin, we have resources for staring co-ops.  austin cooperative business association - pilot program of national cooperative business association - clifford may


the biggest problem is trust.  what will be there later and available universally.



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