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Cloud Computing and Bitcoin

Page history last edited by Tom Brown 6 years, 8 months ago

Convener: John Zhang

Notetaker: Tom Brown


Ethereum - turing complete cryptocurrency


Primecoin - high performance client


DSH - distributed shell


distributed mining


arbitrage availability


CEX.io - exchange for selling mining rates


relationship between cryptocurrency and regulatory processes of nation states


Bitpay CEO Tony Gallippi said to something like: look at bitcoin like the internet, take a wait and see attitude and allow it to flourish.


people get jittery about currency where they don't about technology


government will regulate bitcoin just like casino chips


sell somebody private key (need to be careful with how you do this)


digital ocean for primecoin mining - can create one vps and replicate as many as you want.


usability and risk mitigation is all consumers care about


liberation tech group (stanford) - why are we not further along with pgp adoption?


what happens to bitcoin if sha-256 is broken?


cointerra (austin) - lots of presales


what's going to happen with the disruption of going from centralized to decentralized?

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