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At the NextECon conference you can experience first hand the new monetary technologies you've been hearing about at the Unmarket. The Unmarket is a place where you can obtain good and services from vendors that accept complimentary currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Time Exchange Hours. There will also be a currency exchange in the Unmarket, so if you've been wanting to trade your cash for cryptocurrency or the other way around, then this is the place to be. As with the rest of the unconference format of the Next Economy conference, the Unmarket is organized by the participants, so for it to be successful we need you to be there. The Unmarket is for everyone with an interest in complementary currencies and is a great opportunity to meet other enthusiasts in person.


Planned features for the Unmarket


Satoshi Square


  • The Satoshi Square is an open market currency exchange where you can trade any complementary currency for any other, including exchanging cash for Bitcoins.

  • Unmarket vendors


  • You will be able to buy good and services from vendors that accept complementary currencies as payment.

  • Snack Bar


  • The snack bar will provide prepackaged food and drinks to conference attendees. This year the snack bar will only be accepting payment in Bitcoins. You can purchase Bitcoins at the Satoshi Square.


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